Aladdin, Disney Movie Review

“Tonight the part of Aladdin will be played by a tall, dark, ugly man”

The line above (I’ll leave you to find out when it happens) and a whole load of other lines, is one of the things that makes this movie so special.

I think I have watched most, if not all the Disney animated flicks, but this is the one that I keep coming back to, time and again.

AladdinThe story is great, the music award winning (deservedly so, in my opinion) and the humour just keeps on coming.

Right from the start of the first scene, which is introduced by a slightly odd narrator, there are hilarious gags, both visual and spoken, such that it can be hard to keep up with the pace. Hence, you will need to watch it more than once to appreciate it all.

Many of the jokes will appeal to adults as well as the kids – without getting crude or innuendo laden, a good thing in my book – and even those children who are too young to ‘get’ it will find themselves engrossed in a gripping adventure story.

Why am I not surprised?

All the characters are superbly voiced and interact with each other really well.

Aladdin, the Princess Jasmine, her father the Sultan and Jafar his ‘trusted’ Vizier are all interesting and amusing in their own way. There is great interplay between Aladdin and the Princess, both feeling trapped in their very different worlds.

The standout performance has to be Robin Williams as the Genie and it is his quickfire wit that sets things alight. I especially like the Genie’s song when he is explaining his powers to Aladdin.

AladdinDisneySidekicks get a special place here too. Aladdin has Abu a trained monkey, but I have to admit to loving Iago the parrot, the right hand ‘man’ to the evil Jafar, almost as much.

I feel sheepish.

However, the real surprise in this film and one which at the time it was made, elevated the art of animation to a new level, is …the magic carpet!

There is something about how it moves: it flies, trembles, waves in the air, sits up, lies down and even somehow hangs its head, which just begs you to believe that ‘it’ is really a person with feelings.

As the Genie says at one point, “I can’t believe it, I’m talking to a rug!”

I would highly recommend Aladdin to young and old.

If you already know and love the film, then you know that the headlines I have used in this review are all funny lines taken from it. Why not take the poll below and vote for the your favourite one?

If you haven’t seen it before, then ask someone to get it for you for Christmas, or buy it for the kids so you’ll have an excuse to watch it too!




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